Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Weightloss Wednesday #8

This week has been much better than the last two. Not perfect, but better! And that's all I'm striving for. Perfect is boring and unrealistic. I am so proud of what I have done so far in these past couple months. I haven't experienced a HUGE weight loss but I've started being more active (something I've dreaded for as long as I can remember), I've taught myself and learned some healthier recipes, and for the most part, I've cut processed, packaged "food" and sugars. I see a big difference in the items we put in our shopping cart, and we barely even grab anything in the actual aisles. Trying to stick to the "avoid the aisles" rule- where we mostly pick up items from the parameter of the store- produce, deli, and bakery (for Kyle). We're eating foods that can actually GO BAD. And overall, I feel so much more happy and lively. More motivated, and more grateful for my life.

Something else I've noticed is that I've stopped seeking out "plus-sized models" on Instagram, trying to find confidence in the beauty I see in these women. Thinking "these women are so beautiful", "it's totally possible to be a chubby babe", or "maybe this is how people see me". Let me clear that up- I still see beauty when I look at these women, I just feel my interests have naturally evolved as I started making this lifestyle change. I now find myself following fitness accounts, personal trainers, and real live women that have worked off incredible amounts of weight, naturally. A couple of the ladies I have found extra motivating and totally REAL, which just adds fuel to my fitness fire, are @emifitness and @fighting2getfit. I love posts about how your legs look fab when you're laying on your bed and lifting them in the air, or about how a good choice was made by opting for a smoothie instead of Chick-fil-a like the rest of the family, and obviously, I love progress pictures! All of these are things I've found in these strong, beautiful ladies and I am so grateful to have stumbled across and been inspired by them.
I know that in any health-related journey weight loss is only part of the excitement. There is so much more to the way we look that experiences change for the better, although because of the society we live in, weight loss is the most noticeable and measurable result. This can be discouraging for somebody trying to make a huge change. Which is why I like to reflect on the mental and emotional changes I experience right here, every Wednesday. Our mental health is SO IMPORTANT and I truly believe that having a compromised mental state is just as serious as a compromised physical state. Thankfully, physical fitness and health go hand-in-hand with mental health (yay!). 

Start Weight- 250.6 lbs
Current Weight- 243.6lbs
Total Lost- 7lbs

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