Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Weightloss Wednesday # 6+7

These past couple weeks have been fairly uneventful in the weight loss world. I caught a really bad cold, tried my best to continue going to the gym, and unfortunately I had to take a break, due to congestion, exhaustion, and how painful it was to breathe the super dry air in the gym. Granted, that was my excuse for the first week I've been MIA. Second week is a mixture of being scared to start a workout and not being able to finish because I'm in pain and feeling super yucky, and of pure laziness. Don't get me wrong, I tried to keep myself moving in other ways, mainly yardwork, and I could go to the gym now, but haven't. I think I will tomorrow. As far as the eating goes, first week (when I was sick) was good! Trying to cram in my veggies, and a lot of limiting of other things. Second week, life happened and we have been a little stressed out and not worrying so much about our diet. Which isn't a good excuse, but that's all I've got! I feel really guilty about how I've been treating my body the past couple weeks (how much progress could I have made if I wasn't so bad?!), but I try to remember that I am making a LONG TERM lifestyle change, and that nobody can be eating and exercising properly every dang day of their lives. It's not realistic. And I'm human. A human trying to make a big change. So I'm letting go of my guilt trip. Part of this journey is learning my limits, learning to balance my health, and being gentle with myself. So I'm going to do something a little different from talking about all my struggles ans cheats and successes this week. Today, I am going to share a very personal look at the marks, curves, colours, and textures that I have GROWN TO LOVE and find comfort in allowing myself to do so.

Start Weight- 250.6 lbs
Current Weight- 246.2 lbs
Total Lost- 4.4 lbs

Before I share these photos, I ask you to remember how much courage it takes for me to be able to share these on the very unapologetic internet. And I ask that this remains positive, loving, and supportive. These are not parts of my body that I have always loved, but parts that I have learned to love.

As I look at these photos, I just feel so blessed to be able to call this MY body. No, it's not perfect. Yes, it needs some TLC. But the way my stretchmarks shine in the light and tell such an intimate story of my past, and how they work perfectly with the marks I have chosen to put on my skin, the words and images that I decided were worthy of a permanent place on my body, that's who I am. The dimple on the back of my knee, and the curvy lines my legs create, that's me too. The extra bundling I carry with me, especially on my tummy, is something I'm sentimental about and am honestly wanting to keep a little of. I feel there is something very feminine and maternal about it, and I want my future children to be able to find comfort against (some of) it.

With the mood I'm in right now, I could go on and on about the feelings I have towards my body. Instead of going on and on about it, I challenge you to find a few things on your body that you love and would never want to completely part with. LOVE YOURSELF, life is more fun that way!

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