Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Weightloss Wednesday #9

Can we just take a second to realize how hard BBQ season is for "dieters"? There are tons of healthy options, but when all your friends are eating burgers, you probably don't really want that grilled chicken breast with caesar salad easy on the dressing. We have friends over a lot. And they like burgers. And hot dogs. And potatoes. So my challenge for the next few weeks will be to always have something healthy prepped, and to indulge in moderation. Maybe instead of a burger and half a smokie, I'll opt for half a burger ans half a chicken breast. With veggies! Something I've really been loving is this hot cabbage "slaw" that my cousin and I concocted (recipe, anyone?). SO yummy! I've also been trying to pound back as much water as possible (really hard, scary, and risky for somebody with a bladder that holds about 1 tablespoon of water before I'm dancing to the washroom), aiming for at least 2L a day, plus two cups of homemade iced green tea. We haven't been going to the gym as often, but we have been doing our best to be active. Going to the dog park has been our fave since the weather has been perfect- not hot, not cold, perfect spring weather (except for the foot of snow we had dumped on us today).

So anyways, I've set a few goals for myself this week:
- Keep it up with the water. 2L of beautiful, clear, clean water a day.
-Try to stop craving (or at least giving in to) ice cream.

I don't have all that much to write about this week to be completely honest with you, but I did find this really cool photo idea where you make a collage of a few beautiful parts of your body. So here it is!

Starting Weight-250.6 lbs
Current Weight- 243.4 lbs
Total Lost- 7.2 lbs

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